Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Time is the most precious commodity we all have...

Because it's limited and once it's gone we can never get it back. I sometimes remind myself of this when I have free time. One occasion I thought about it is when I and my family went to Brighton Beach on Labor Day. I had a great time that day and all of us had a lot of fun. When walking on the beach, I thought about how I already lost a lot of valuable time in my life because I still continue to let my stuttering to control my life by stopping me from fully enjoying it and trying to make my dreams and ambitions a reality. Practically all my life I submitted to my stuttering and made a lot of sacrifices like missing on a lot of things that normal people experience. Basically I'm letting life to completely pass me by and not really participating in it like all of you. In other words I'm just like an observer that just observes what other people do with their lives and not doing anything with mine. I admit this kind of life is boring, not exciting and most of all meaningless. I live with this reality as I continue to lose more precious time as I get older by distracting myself with things I enjoy to do like the Internet. Clearly this is not normal and has to stop because I don't really want this kind of worthless life for me, especially when I know that I can completely change my life if I really wanted to and worked very hard.

I know that for me there's a way out if I'll have very strong hope, desire, determination and work very hard every day. That's why at present time I'm trying to change my life and get free from my stuttering once and for all. That means not letting my stuttering to hold me back from living and really enjoying life. At the same time I know that even if I'll be successful at getting free and winning my life back, I already lost a lot of very valuable time that I can never get back no matter what I do in addition on missing out on a lot of things life offers. This is a very important lesson to learn for all of us. I really hope that all of you will learn it too after reading about my experience, won't repeat my mistake and will use time you have left wisely and not just waste it away.


-FutureShock- said...

HERE HERE! I have been preaching to people about TIME for a long time.

Some people don't get it. I think a persons health and their time are the most important possessions they have.

Agantx said...

I'm very happy you liked my new post. Thanks for the feedback. If you really like it and think it can teach people not to waste their time, feel free to tell people about it and send them my way! :)

Anonymous said...

What exactly does "Getting Free" look like? How do you plan to be free of stuttering if you can't overcome it? Should stutterers try to live normally even while they stutter or should they invest most of their energy towards therapy?

sorry for the numerous questions, just wondering.

Agantx said...

Hi Anon!

It's great to hear from you. I'm happy that people like you are leaving comments on my blog. Keep them coming!

My response to what you wrote is below. If you have any more questions or want to tell me something feel free to email me.

"What exactly does "Getting Free" look like?"

Living your life like everyone else does and not letting stuttering make choices for you like what kind of job to get and when to talk and not to talk. It also means being more outgoing, not shy at all and having a social life.

"How do you plan to be free of stuttering if you can't overcome it?"

Unfortunately right now there is no cure for stuttering. That's why currently it's impossible to overcome it in this way. But with speech therapy and a lot of work, it can be brought under control. That's why it's possible to suppress stuttering and to overcome it in this way.

"Should stutterers try to live normally even while they stutter or should they invest most of their energy towards therapy?"

Why not do both at the same time? It's possible to live normally as you can and at the same time doing speech therapy.

"sorry for the numerous questions, just wondering."

Don't be sorry. It's great that you asked these questions. I love them. The more the better! :)